Travel Restrictions 
Wednesday, September 9th, 1992 
Sydney Morning Herald 

If you are looking for a holiday with a difference, talk to Madame Lash. 
The madame (aka Gretel Pinniger), Sydney's long-reigning queen of the disciplinary arts, has set up her own guided tour of the flesh pits of Europe. 

Promising to take travellers into "the slick underbelly of Europe's nightlife to plumb the depths of sexual fantasy", the itinerary is mainly focused on Germany. 

Included are a cocktail party with Xaviera Hollander in Amsterdam, a whip through Marion's Jailhouse in Frankfurt and an overnight party in a castle outside Munich built by the grandfather of Frederick the Gruesome which boasts its own torture chamber and starvation tower. 

To qualify for the tour which is planned for April next year, applicants have to pass a personal interview with Madame Lash.