Madame Lash's Profile

On the bizarrely eclectic judging panel was Justin Miller from Sotheby's, Jane Luedecke, Women's Weekly's Deborah Thomas, Bob Nation, architect for the project, Graham Bond, aka Aunty Jack, Lord Mayor Napoleon Sartor (who has been described by the Premier as being "restless with creativity") and Gretel Pinniger, aka Madame Lash

Its a long way from whips and chains - lashing out HB&B Summer 1996, Gretel Pinniger talks to Ilona Komaresaroff

MEET Gretel Pinniger or, Senator Madam Lash, as she hopes to become. She and her followers from the Extra Dimension Party has embarked on a big-spending plan she hopes will propel her into the plush red carpets of the Senate. "I am the first extra dimensionalist. I'm still not positive whether the Extra Dimension Party is an art movement, a philosophical movement, a political party or just a prolonged Lash Bash," she squeals ........

Madame Lash, a female who impersonates drag queens, who brought leather chaps and jackets to the city's gays 25 years ago and has appeared in three succesive Mardi Gras, thinks she is being locked out because she is not gay. "There are things wrong with the gay movement if it has turned into a mafia," glowered the madame ... (SMH, February 1996)

Notorious Sydney bondage and discipline queen Madame Lash has been hired to whip up some interest in an art exhibition called Sense and Sensuality, which opens at the Cape Gallery, Byron Bay tonight...(Byron Shire Echo August 1993)

Madam Lash recently spent some time on the North Coast receiving tuition in painting 'Old Masters' techniques with Sulman Prize winner, Wesley Penberthy - Madame Lash was invited to give a lecture to Visual Arts students. She spoke of her life as a conceptual artist ...(UNE Gazette No. 69 May 1993)

Australian National Gallery (ANG) Exhibition The Trial of Madame Lash's fantasy costume Atomic Age.

The Madame (aka Gretel Pinniger), Sydney's long-reigning queen of the disciplinary arts, has set up her own guided tour of the flesh pits of Europe. (Spetember 9, 1992, SMH)

Madame Lash gave the definitive S & M party in 1977.