Sauce with Kate McClymont 
SMH Weekend Edition, September 28-29, 2002 

Sleeping in the park comes at a price 

Since when has Surry Hills been known as Hyde Park South? 

This week saw the developers of some ritzy new apartment buildings in Alberta Street, Surry Hills (now to be called Hyde park South), put up $7,000 for an art prize to "welcome a new relationship between the art community and the building industry". 

On Wednesday night guests gathered in the soon-to-be-demolished warehouse in Surry Hills/Hyde Park South so that the developers could announce the winner of their competition.  Artists had to whip up a gem on the theme of "Evolution of Sydney".  On the bizarrely eclectic judging panel was Justin Miller from Sotheby's, Jane Luedecke, Women's Weekly's Deborah Thomas, Bob Nation, architect for the project, Graham Bond, aka Aunty Jack, Lord Mayor Napoleon Sartor (who has been described by the Premier as being "restless with creativity") and Gretel Pinniger, aka Madame Lash.  Sauce wasn't sure whether Madame Lash's splendid outfit, a multicoloured rubber catsuit, wasn't itself an entry. 

What an ingenious idea this whole prize-thing has been.  The winning entry - Jane Bennett's charcoal/acrylic Rebuilding Walsh Bay Wharves - is now in the happy hands of the developers, who will be using it to grace the foyer of their new building.