UNE Gazette, No 69
by Isabel Atcheson,
Lecturer in voice in the
Faculty of Arts 
(Contemporary Music)

Not just an artist but a work of art 

Madam Lash (otherwise known as Gretel Pinniger) is not just an artist - she is a work of art. Everything that Madam Lash does is geared towards living as a work of art: her leather clothes, her six-inch heels, her constant 'model's' pose, her converted hearse - now a limousine with chauffeurÑher paintings, her entrepeneurial style and her enthusiasm for all arts and artists, both visual and performance. 

Madam Lash recently spent some time on the North Coast, receiving tuition in painting from Sulman Prize winner, Wesley Penberthy. Madam Lash first became acquainted with Penberthy's work 20 years ago when she worked as an artist's model at the University of Melbourne School of Architecture, where Penberthy was teaching. When she began portrait painting seriously a few years ago, she was determined to find a teacher who would school her in the 'Old Masters' techniques. It look her two years to find Penberthy who had moved to the North Coast three years before . During her study with Penberthy, Madame Lash was invited to give a lecture to Visual Arts students. She spoke of her life as a conceptual artist and her success in the 1993 Archibald Prize.